Hey, I am a wedding videographer from Ukraine and I am currently looking for a job in wedding video editing. I personally handle the editing and I have successfully collaborated with some videographers (please see my editing samples below). I am looking for several more videographers to work with on a permanent basis. I work in Premiere Pro, and I have recently started working in Final Cut. I am also skilled in After Effects and video color correction, as well as audio editing (removing noise, etc.). Thank you.

To get started, simply send me all the necessary files through any file-sharing service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Mega, FTP, or others.

  1. Also, please let me know from which site I can choose music so that you can then license it at your convenience.
  2. Don’t forget to show me the style you like or the style you want.
  3. As soon as your video is ready, you will receive it with a watermark, and after payment you will receive the project files for Premiere Pro.
  4. Pretty quick turnaround (A week or so)

Pricing  about 300 -500 $ USA  (payment of PayPal: vasakruh@gmail.com)

The wedding videos that I have shot

Please contact us before ordering! (I answer messages quickly)
mail: vasakruh@gmail.com